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Commercial Parking Lot Repair in Bloomfield Hills: Complete Guide

The upkeep of Bloomfield Hills’ commercial parking lots affects how well businesses function, how happy customers are, and how much money owners make. Proper planning and prompt action are necessary to maintain these parking spots. You should
know about typical problems and their remedies for selecting the correct contractors. In this article, we will discuss some professional advice for keeping your parking lot pristine, free of hazards, and inviting to all customers.

Commercial Parking Lot: Common issues

  • The gradual degradation of parking lots is a constant source of frustration for
    business owners.
  • Exposure to traffic and other external factors causes deterioration.
  • Cracks and potholes are widespread, but experts can easily fix them.
  • The asphalt can break down under vehicles’ weight, temperature changes, and water seepage, leading to potholes.
  • Aging, thermal expansion, and contraction can cause various crack forms in materials.
  • Water seeping into the base layer of asphalt through cracks can cause more damage.
  • Surface sinking or subsidence, which are more complicated issues, happen less frequently.


If you are facing all these issues consider hiring Dimambro Construction to get reliable and long-lasting repair solutions.

Parking Lot Repair Techniques

Properly fixing parking lot issues can extend the life of your pavement. Common repair methods used by professionals include crack sealing and infrared repair.

  • One cutting-edge method for fixing big fractures and potholes is infrared repair. They must be heated and mixed with new asphalt to repair damaged portions.
  • Crack sealing is the best option for smaller fissures. Tiny fissures are filled using a long-lasting sealer, which helps halt further degradation and water penetration.

Proactive Asphalt Maintenance

You need a proactive maintenance plan if you want your parking lot to last longer and avoid expensive repairs. To catch wear and tear early, have a professional to check it out often. Two preventative methods are coating the seals and improving the drainage.

  • A seal coating protects your parking lot from harmful elements, including water, oil spills, and ultraviolet light.
  • Improving drainage systems helps keep water from pooling. Better storm drainage is required to prevent potholes caused by the asphalt base deteriorating.
  • It will begin to pool if the parking lot cannot drain rainwater properly. It is crucial
    to recognize drainage problems at an early stage. Repairing poor drainage may be
    expensive, particularly for bigger parking lots.
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