Our Happy Clients Brag About Us

"My neighbor and I hired Alex from DiMambro construction to install two driveways, plus a circular drive, two pathways and one front porch totaling 4,000 SQFT. Alex, Mike and the crew members did an meticulous and excellent job. Crush stones were packed before the concrete was poured. Alex recommended aggregated cement for the pathways and front porch. We really love how our driveways, pathway and front porch turned out. DiMambro's price was one of the most reasonable as we got 10 different quotes from the contractors. We would highly recommend this concrete company without reservation. Thank you again Alex and Mike!"
Karen Y.
"Mike and his team did a great job replacing part of my driveway. They cleaned up real well after completing the work. To me, DiMambro Construction is a reliable company."
Toan L.
"I highly recommend this contractor. I got a rapid response for my estimate. Another contractor was slow to respond. DiMambro gave me the best price to replace my driveway. I was given a starting time for the project and they stuck to it...on time. The concrete looks great. The crew cleaned up the site after the work and put everything back that got moved. I has good experience and recommend DiMambro"
Wayne P.
"Alex and his crew did a super job replacing my driveway very polite and communication was excellent you can tell that they take a lot of pride in there work highly recommended"
John S.
"Excellent job. We love our patio and walkway. They also did a great job cleaning up, it was like they were never there. Highly recommended!"
Mandy E.
"Alex and his crew did a great job with my project. The work was completed on four different days. Day 1 They removed my old, cracked, existing 800 sqft concrete patio and 140 linear feet of surrounding curb (18" into the ground, 8" thick) in preparation for the job. All debris was broken up and hauled away. Day 2 Downspout drains and a french drain along the fence were installed. Final patio slope was determined and laser measured, forms were installed, and crushed concrete was compacted to proper level. Day 3 (after a few days of rain) Final adjustments were made. 15 yards of concrete were poured, screeded, floated, and brushed. After the pour, the area of the lawn leading to the patio, and the areas where the trenches were dug for drains were returned to pre-project levels, and re-seeded where necessary. Day 4 Expansion joints were cut, forms were removed, and the entire jobsite was power-washed. NOTES On the first day, my wife and I moved our cars out of the garage onto the street, so they had free reign of the driveway for access to the side yard. We fully expected to not have access to our garage for the duration of the project. To our surprise, they cleaned up after themselves every day, sweeping and hosing off my driveway and the street, leaving orange cones around anything that they left in the street overnight. We were able to use our driveway and garage each night. After wet-cutting the expansion joints (minimal dust), they power-washed not only the new patio surface, but also my bordering privacy fence and garage. Considering the tight space in which they had to maneuver, there was little evidence of them having been in there with heavy equipment once they were done. The Final Price was the same as the initial estimate, something I have never experienced when dealing with contractors. I would definitely hire them again"
Scott S.